Brand story

Brand story

The roots of manufacturing in Põltsamaa date back to 1920, when our predecessor, known then as the Central Association of Estonian Consumer Cooperatives, was established. Spirits, potato flakes, coffee, starch, fruit and vegetable preserves and berry wines have been produced in Põltsamaa in different times.

The Põltsamaa factory has become the largest employer and taxpayer in the region with almost 140 employees.

Today, the Põltsamaa factory manufactures and markets high-quality food products such as juices and juice drinks, canned vegetables, ready meals, sauces, jams, sandwich spreads, wines, fish products and much more. We do all this to diversify the menu of the consumers and make life easier for people at home. We are paying more and more attention to the taste and quality of food, also striving to make it healthier, and the surrounding environment.


Our predecessor, ETK Põltsamaa Tehased, launched its production activities in Põltsamaa at the end of December 1920.

Production of wines started in Põltsamaa. The premises of the wine factory were created by converting an old brewery and the equipment cost 200,000 marks. Seven people were involved in wine production at the time.

Põltsamaa products were highly valued in the early years of the Republic of Estonia. This is evident from the advertisement published in the 19th issue of the newspaper Ühistegelised Uudised:

Products included spirits, juices, kama flour, wine and coffee.

On 28 May, the fire that started from burning chicory in the coffee factory spread to the main building, destroying the entire first floor and production equipment. The production of coffee, kama and spirits was abandoned and only the production of wine and juice continued.

Production of canned food started. The product list included canned cucumbers, mixed salad, strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry jams, apple and carrot juice, cooked plums, pears, apple slices and gooseberries in syrup, etc. The first export product was also made – blackcurrants in water, 35 tonnes of which were sold to England in 1939.

During the war, industrial activity came to a virtual standstill. Wine stocks were destroyed and most of it flowed into the Põltsamaa River.

The company became the first in Estonia to start packing food in tubes.
The first Põltsamaa strong mustard was produced and nearly 60 million tubes have been sold to date.

We were the first factory in the world to start making space food. Juices, soups, pâtés and even coffee with milk packaged in tubes were highly appreciated by space explorers of the time. In 2011, two former cosmonauts who used to consume our food came to visit the once-renowned factory in person.

A juicer was set up and the juicing and production of apple concentrate started in Põltsamaa.

The packaging of Põltsamaa apple drink on the new Tetra Pak line started. Orange drink and drinks with straws were added to this in the following year.

AS Põltsamaa Felix (ETK and AB Felix) was established as a joint venture. Sales of Felix tomato ketchup started in Estonia. Today, it has become Estonia’s favourite ketchup.

The production of sandwich gherkins for the Swedish and Finnish markets started.

The Formeer mayonnaise brand was bought and production was transferred to Põltsamaa.

The establishment of the new boiler house reduced energy costs by 30% and air in Põltsamaa became cleaner.

Launch of the new juice packaging line with caps was launched.

The assets of Nordic Foods were purchased, a new ready meal factory was established in Põltsamaa.
The start of large-scale pumpkin production both for the domestic market and for export to Finland.

Pai smoothies were added to the product portfolio.

A new modern sauce factory was opened, strengthening our position as the market leader of salad dressings and cold table sauces. Exports of sauces to Finland, Latvia and Lithuania increased significantly.

Convenient one-step carton caps were introduced for Põltsamaa 1-litre juices.

The marketing of the health products of Orkla Health in pharmacies and traditional retail channels was launched. Well-known brands such as Möller cod liver oil, Livol family vitamins, Gerimax energy supplements and other health products were added.

The company became the first in Estonia and the Baltic States to introduce new, easy to open lids for vegetable preserves, sauerkraut and soups in jars.

Orkla Group moved its entire Baltic juice production to Estonia and invested EUR 1.5 million in the Põltsamaa juice factory and centre of excellence. This step made the Põltsamaa factory the most modern juice producer in the Baltic States.

AS Põltsamaa Felix merged with AS Kalev and the joint company was named Orkla Eesti AS.