Brand story

The roots of manufacturing in Põltsamaa date back to 1920, when our predecessor, known then as the Central Association of Estonian Consumer Cooperatives, was established. Spirits, potato flakes, coffee, starch, fruit and vegetable preserves and berry wines have been produced in Põltsamaa in different times.


Felix tomato ketchup, Estonia’s favourite ketchup, has been available to local consumers since 1993. That was the year AS Põltsamaa Felix (ETK and AB Felix) was established as a joint venture and the sale of the legendary red condiment took off in Estonia.

Together for a more sustainable tomorrow!

Caring for the environment and combating global climate change is a collective social responsibility. We’ve taken on our share of this responsibility and are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and protect nature and people – in everything we do.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on how we can meet people’s needs and at the same time do business successfully by operating in an environmentally sustainable manner with clear and well-thought-out actions in five key areas.


Felix factory shop

The Põltsamaa factory shop is the only shop in Estonia where you can find all our products (sauces, gherkins, juices, etc.) in one place. In addition, you can also find traditional Kalev sweets and acquire gift and loyalty cards, which are valid in the Põltsamaa factory shop, Kalev chocolate shops and Maiasmokk café. Every month, the Põltsamaa factory shop also has various special offers for Põltsamaa, Felix and Kalev products.
The shop is located in the factory’s gatehouse (Tallinna mnt 1, Põltsamaa).

Tallinna mnt.1, Põltsamaa, 48103
+372 5344 6125


Mon-Sat 10am – 6pm
Sun 10am – 4pm